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A clean energy carrier.

Hydrogen is used for the desulphurization of fuels, which prevents the formation of sulfur dioxide as the fuel is burned. It is also used to improve plasma welding and cutting operations.

Hydrogen is also offered as a pure specialty gas under the brand ALPHAGAZTM, which is suitable for critical laboratory and analytic applications.

Hydrogen, a clean energy carrier

Used in a fuel cell, hydrogen combines with oxygen from the air to produce electricity, generating water as its only by-product. Air Liquide is present across the entire hydrogen supply chain, from production to storage, distribution and the development of end-user applications – thus helping to drive the widespread use of hydrogen as a clean energy to power materials handling, consumer automobiles and mass transportation.

Our global hydrogen-fueled fleet services are helping move fleets across the globe toward a more efficient, profitable and environmentally responsible means of material handling. We distribute solutions both for the production of energy and for decentralized hydrogen distribution equipment.

Learn more about how Air Liquide is using hydrogen to decarbonize the heavy industries and revolutionize clean mobility.