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Automotive & Fabrication

Air Liquide Vietnam offers you a range of solutions specially designed to ensure the compliance of your productions and the safety of your industrial operations. We developed high-performance solutions for a broad spectrum of transportation industry ranging from automotive, aeronautic, train & trucks and shipbuilding.

At Air Liquide, we understand today’s transformation of the transportation industry with a “Green” solution. We are geared to support your needs with our sustainable solutions to increase efficiency of your manufacturing process, advanced battery and energy storage solution. 

Air Liquide’s  innovative solutions support our customers in the metal fabrication industry to meet the highest industry standard while achieving optimum output and cost breakthrough in your process.  We draw on more than 100 years of experience globally to support your needs with our technical and commercial offerings.  Our state of the art solutions, specialised gases and equipment designed for the welding, cutting, heating and cryogenic treatments applications are locally available to serve your needs.   

Our solutions include Argon, Nitrogen and Hydrogen for heat treatment, Oxygen for Cutting, Liquid Nitrogen for rubber deflashing, Helium for leak test and niche applications, and a wide range of ARCALTM and LASALTM, ALPHAGAZTM branded gases to meet your diverse needs.