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Electronics manufacturing

Sparked by innovation in the field of electronic manufacturing, electronics are becoming smaller, lighter and more compact. As a result, the needs from the electronic industry are also becoming more stringent than ever.



Air Liquide provides you with various solutions to address your specific needs in electronic manufacturing, ranging from the supply of electronic specialty gases in the wafer fabrication process to the supply of nitrogen gas via cryogenic storage tank, onsite generator or pipeline in the chip packaging and testing processes.

Our value added solutions such as INERT-WAVE & INERT-FLOW also aim to improve your soldering process by reducing the overall cost of operation, and enhancing the quality of your end product.

If you are interested in reducing your energy consumption and environmental impact, our Eco-chiller system may be a viable solution.

This innovative technology recycles cold energy from vaporised liquids, providing a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to conventional cooling methods.



Air Liquide’s business has an electronic line, which designs and supplies technological solutions based on very high purity gas and advanced materials. Those last ones contribute to produce semiconductors that are ever more performant and energy efficient, helping at the same time to meeting the climate challenge, which will be played out, more than ever, on the electronic level.

Our core mission is to facilitate innovation by the world’s most advanced electronic technology corporations. To achieve this, we design, manufacture and supply the molecules and materials that help make technology smart, efficient and powerful. We design the cost-effective solutions our customers need, delivering the product stability and operational excellence they rely on.


As the world turns to renewables, solar photovoltaic system installation has been steadily increasing. Solar photovoltaic production started not long before in Vietnam and has continuously expanded its production in Vietnam.

Air Liquide is proud to accompany this development with the supply of high purity nitrogensilane and ammonia to almost all producers in Vietnam.


In the world of the semiconductor industry, integral to everything from processors found inside smartphones or computers to memory chips and image sensors, the use of semiconductor chips or integrated-circuits is now spreading outside the digital world. Manufacturers can rely on Air Liquide to allow them to develop their technical road map.

Air Liquide accompanies semiconductor manufacturers, delivering the ultra-high purity carrier gases needed to keep their manufacturing processes clean and stable over time. We also supply the specialty and advanced electronics materials (also called precursor molecules) to produce the semiconductor chips, and provide the equipment and services for the safe and optimum analysing handling and distribution of our products.

Flat Panel Displays

The need to continuously improve the user experience creates demand for a new generation of displays that are cheaper, thinner, lighter, more energy-efficient, flexible and higher in resolution. Already, advances in display technology have enabled the creation of curved television sets or flexible screens that offer very deep contrast and smart-phones that run twice as long.

Screens are produced in semiconductor-like fabrication plants, also called fabs, which require about 20 electronics specialty materials (also called precursor molecules) in very large volumes.

Air Liquide supports the needs of these manufacturers for producing next-generation displays and continues to invest in large high purity nitrogen on-site gas production units to accompany their rapid growth over the long term.