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Wastewater Treatment

Environment impact assessment is a prerequisite for any new investment project in Vietnam and the treatment of wastewater to conform to environmental legislation at a cost effective and reliable manner has been a top priority for many industries.



Wastewater treatment uses various technologies and processes including physical, chemical and biological treatment methods to remove water contaminants or reducing the concentration to acceptable level for a desired end-use.

On top of providing a reliable gas supply, Air Liquide  is also able to offer innovative and cost effective solutions to improve your water quality, as well as to meet and exceed the most stringent regulatory standards.

Air Liquide’s ASPALTM  solution is a reliable and cost-effective technology providing environmental benefits in competitive manners to treat and recycle water.

ASPALTM leverages know-how in:

  • pH control
  • Biological and activated sludge treatments
  • Odor control 
  • Disinfection
  • Scale prevention

Our expert team will conduct site survey and carry out the solution implementation on site to deliver customers’ expected performance.