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Food & Beverages

Food manufacturers are faced with significant challenges. First and foremost, they must meet the nutritional needs of a growing global population. Second, they are under pressure to satisfy the demands of increasingly urban consumers, providing ready-to-eat and wholesome products with fewer chemical additives and preservatives.


They must do this while adhering to stringent food safety rules and coping with strong competition. In consequence, manufacturers are under pressure to innovate and launch new products in shorter delays.

With strict regulations and constantly evolving consumer behavior, the beverage market is structured around three central challenges. Most importantly, food safety must be guaranteed, but the quality of taste and nutritional benefit must also be assured. Finally innovation is used as the lever for company differentiation thus responding to consumer demand for new products.

Air Liquide food grade nitrogen - ALIGALTM - is produced in conformity with Air Liquide standards and procedures for foods applied in European countries and is also certified in Vietnam by MOH (Ministry of Health) for conformation to food safety regulations.