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Welding & Cutting

Whether you are a craftsman working alone or you work for a multinational company, you cannot do without optimised welding, cutting and thermal projection processes. These operations are essential to a large number of industries and are used as much for repairing domestic installations as for work on automobile assembly lines.

As a specialist in such processes, Air Liquide offers solutions which combine gases, equipment, services and consumables in processes which are being continually improved in its research centers. Drawing on long experience in the field of flames, plasma and lasers, with more than 200 welding and cutting patents and 250 specialists spread around the world, Air Liquide ensures you have access to solutions which are innovative and perfectly adapted to your requirements.

For welding applications, we offer world-wide brand ARCALTM which would fit 95% of all welding processes. In addition to that, In response to the specific requirements of the local market we introduce a specific Argon mixture (AL Agron mix) which has the quality to improve the disadvantages of CO2.

For laser cutting, Air Liquide's LASALTM range, supported by a full range of equipment solutions designed to ensure the high quality of cutting process in various thickness and materials. Air Liquide provides you with a cost-effective solution that delivers your laser gases at the flow-rate, pressure and purity that your laser system demands.